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Vibrant Cuisine of West Africa Cookook (Softcover)

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Discover the West African culinary experience!

The Vibrant West African Cuisine Cookbook contains 124 pages with over 50 recipes, helpful cultural teachings and a glossary. 
The recipes include our famous Jollof Rice, Coconut Rice and two other rice dishes as rice is a staple in West Africa. You will see meals made out of cassava, garri and fufu. You will also experience our favourite breakfast dish, pap (ogi) and Akara (bean balls). We have a wide variety of soups and stews, including Egusi, Uha, Vegetable, and different meat Pepper Soups. 
You will also learn how to make different pottage dishes, including beans and yam pottage that is suitable for vegetarians. 
Have you ever wondered what Africans eat for dessert? You will learn about that plus all the tropical natural juices you can quickly prepare at home and many more recipes.

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